Personal Internet Banking--Personal E-Banking Overview


Service Overview
Operating under the brand "Banking@home", personal Internet banking is an Internet banking channel that provides ICBC Macau's individual customers with services such as account inquiry, transfer and remittance, investment management, and online payment.
ICBC Macau's personal Internet banking services provide you with a comprehensive financial management platform, allowing you to check your account, transfer and remit money, trade precious metals and foreign exchange, trade stocks online, pay fees on your behalf, and make credit card payments. While meeting your varied financial needs, the platform offers you a wide range of secure, easy, quick, and personalized services.


Target Customers
Customers who hold ICBC Macau's Wealth card, Elite Club Card, E-Era Card, and passbooks and who have a good credit standing are eligible to apply for ICBC Macau's personal Internet banking services.


Distinguishing Features
1. Secure and reliable: ICBC Macau offers nationally verified Internet banking password authentication tools, including e-Password Device and e-Banking Code Card.
2. Powerful: multiple-account management to facilitate financial management for you and your family; personalized features and alerts to display your status; a rich set of financial capabilities to serve as your helpful assistant.
3. Convenient: 24-hour online service, which reaches across time and space and saves your time and effort; account management at a glance, listing all transaction details; easy and quick money transfer, remittance and allocation.
4. A rich set of information: provides information such as interest rates and foreign exchange rates, as well as detailed introduction about features, operation guide, help file and demos, helping you understand the system's features.


How to apply
Provide a valid proof of identity and a registered ICBC Macau bank card or account.


Application Procedure
ICBC Macau customers
Complete an ICBC Macau Application Form for Internet Banking at any ICBC Macau branch and provide a valid proof of identity and a registered ICBC Macau bank card or account. If you possess a U-Shield, please provide for correctness checking.
Non-ICBC Macau customers
Open an account and activate the Internet banking service at any ICBC Macau branch, complete relevant forms and submit a valid proof of identity.


Risk Warning
1. Every time after you using the Internet banking service, please click "Logout" on the top right corner of the page to exit, and keep your U-Shield safe.
2. While logging to ICBC website and proceed online payments, please pay attention to prevent fake ICBC website fraud.
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